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Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is at the heart of OCS Singapore’s business strategy. In helping clients to achieve their strategic goals, we design service packages which address profitability, well-being, health and safety and the environment.

While we are family owned, we are professionally and independently managed and we retain a belief that we are responsible for our staff, for the communities in which they live and work, and we strive to sustain and improve the environment in which we all live.

We strive for continuous improvement to provide efficient, cost-effective solutions. We're also looking at greener ways of working through energy control systems and reducing consumption and cost. We also reduce the amount of landfill and turn expensive waste into profitable opportunities for you through effective waste management and recycling. Corporate social responsibility is also at the forefront of our business with positive initiatives around the world.

Increasing Profit 

Our value to clients lies in the methods we employ to reduce costs, and so boost your bottom line. That's why we think Smart. Our 'lean techniques' such as our unique CleanSmart™ service are modelled around clients' needs and designed to bring down real costs at the same time as improving quality.

Supporting Wellbeing

The promotion of wellbeing among staff and visitors provides an environment where people give of their best. By providing secure, clean and pleasant surroundings and taking care of comforts such as healthy eating and plant displays, as well as quality, hygienic washrooms, we strive to make their world a better place to work.

Enhancing your Brand

First impressions and reputation have the power to enhance or detract from your brand. That's why we invest in talent – ensuring our people give the right impression to your customers. Training in teamwork and multi-skilling pays dividends in enabling our staff to focus on meeting your objectives and delivering a first class customer experience; an attractive, clean and well maintained environment that's a pleasure to visit, with professional customer support through manned helpdesks and the best quality fittings and highest standards of hygiene in the washrooms.