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Health and Safety

Everyone has the right to go about their business without fear of accident or infection and our job is to keep people safe; whether they are your management, staff, visitors or customers. We manage this in a number of ways; from the obvious security personnel at reception and the installation of emergency defibrillator stations to behind the scenes activity of pest control and washroom protection through our world class Activap™ feminine hygiene system. Delivering Environmental Improvements, we are committed to building a business that looks after the health and well-being of our people and our clients’ people. Health and safety is embedded in the culture of the Group, with health and safety champions promoting awareness at every level.

We follow our global health and safety standards, laying down consistent minimum standards for all the countries in which we operate while considering all national legal requirements and working practices.

Our proactive safety culture has driven measurable improvements in performance and gives us confidence in service delivery and in developing positive client relationships. We are proud of our safety record and the actions that we are taking to improve the standards of workplace safety for the benefit of everyone.

Our strong, morally-based, approach to safety is based on active leadership, high levels of competence and employee awareness and engagement. We are also determined to strive towards achieving excellence in managing health and safety because we believe that such excellence is the bedrock of high performing businesses.

We promote global standards through the work of Health & Safety best practice group. This group drives direct engagement, consistency and encourages communication as we strive to improve health and safety at work at every site that we operate. Our safety leaders focus on:

• Advancing a common vision for zero harm workplaces at the highest level

• Modelling and growing inspirational, highly visible safety leadership

• Creating a compelling case for change and a strong workplace safety culture

• Sharing skills, experiences and resources to overcome common challenges.

Regional management teams have taken responsibility for delivering these objectives through their operational structures.

We continue to place the health and safety of our people at the core of our sustainability agenda. This means that we place emphasis on the creation of safe and healthy working environments regardless of differences across countries and regions. We have adopted globally the management system set out within OHSAS 18001 to support our objective of creating a safer workplace and promoting employee well-being.