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Aviation & Terminal Management

OCS is a world leader in aviation support services, bringing the benefits of over 50 years of experience in the sector to leading airlines and airport operators around the globe.

The knowledge, innovations and best practice we have established in the past half century are now being exported from the mature markets of the West-where we set the standards in aviation support services-to the emerging markets and growing economies of Asia-Pacific. We proudly work in partnership with over 50 major airlines, including the world’s top ten, and more than 25 of the world’s largest airports, to improve standards, reduce costs and ensure passengers experience the finest travel experience.

We continue to grow our aviation business, with British Airways in the UK for a range of FM services at London Heathrow, Manchester and Newcastle.

Our work around London’s Gatwick Airport – in the ‘Gatwick Diamond’ region – has grown significantly over the years. We were proud to be named Business of the Year in the prestigious Gatwick Diamond Business Awards 2012 in recognition of our track record of delivering innovation for clients and our engagement with employees.

In India, we deliver mechanical and electrical (M&E) services at airports in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad,and we have secured the necessary licenses to qualify us to bid for further contracts in this sector.

Carrying the flag
At OCS, we carry the flag for services around the world - looking after aircraft, airports and, above all, passengers, in many different ways and in hundreds of locations every day. OCS combines global expertise with specialist knowledge and world class resources to deliver supply chain solutions across the full spectrum of airside and landside support services.

Strength and depth Our depth of understanding gleaned from nearly 50 years experience in the aviation sector, and our efficient utilisation of staff and assets through the use of technology, has enabled us to develop into a global leader in the design, management and delivery of a complete aviation facilities management solution. Our best-in-class solutions and systems are exported across the world, with the growing economies of the Asia-Pacific region increasingly looking to OCS to help deliver first-class airport facilities to meet the demands of a growing market.

Technological leaders who add value We use a bespoke operational tool that tracks staff, assets, passengers and aircraft movements in real-time, enabling us to direct our multi-skilled teams to the right place at the right time – a system that is proving crucial in keeping airlines on schedule and ensuring airports run smoothly. We are using tablet technology to demonstrate performance with photographic evidence. This is sent into our local control centres in real-time to ensure that we have a clear understanding of our operational performance at all times. Our management of the supply chain is shaped around a client’s requirements and delivery is optimised through Computer Aided Facilities Management technology, reporting valuable information and analysis and delivering a real-time, planned and reactive resource and asset management service - maximising efficiency and improving end user experience and satisfaction.