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OCS Singapore takes great pride in supporting the education sector, providing clean and safe learning environments for students.

Facilities management is an integral part of the overall management of the school. The actualization of the goals and objectives of education require the provision, maximum utilization and appropriate management of the facilities. Furthermore, advances in science and technology, necessitate that the school management should adopt modern methods of facilities management. This will improve the quality of teaching and learning. A direct relationship exists between the quality of school facilities provided and the quality of the products of the school.

OCS Singapore provides housekeeping and washroom hygiene services along with preventative and corrective maintenance to leading educational institutes and schools in Singapore. Our responsibility includes developing sustainable building operations and managing environmental health and safety (EHS) compliance. Currently, our facility management services comprises:

• Grounds Maintenance

• Facilities Management

• Reception Function & Security

• Specialist Cleaning

• Washroom Hygiene Services