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Industrial & Manufacturing

We are increasingly known for our capabilities within both general and specialist manufacturing environments. In fast growing economies the ability to deliver best practice on a consistent basis is a key ingredient of our success.

Industrial environments are often subject to strict regulation and specific health and safety concerns which, if not complied with, can result in severe operational consequences. OCS Singapore is well versed in tailoring its own operational procedures to meet the industrial sector's unique safety requirements. Without an awareness of these a simple task, such as vacuuming, can become a hazard that affects the entire site's operation. Whether it is food processing plants, mines or power stations we are proud of our safety record at industrial sites.

OCS Singapore has the expertise needed to support your business with all your non-core support service needs including the provision of cleaning as well as hygienic washroom solutions and effective pest management.

The breadth of experience of our global partners gives OCS Singapore access to vast expertise and knowledge in respect of servicing industrial and manufacturing environments. Ranging from engine manufacturers, printing presses and dockyards through to pharmaceutical, food manufacturing and clean room environments OCS Singapore can call on a wealth of knowledge.